"Photography isn’t perfection, it’s art.”

So, who am I?

I am a freelance Photographer and Videographer based in Yorkshire, but I have lived many years of my life in Tokyo and Yokohama Japan, where it has now become a second home to me.

My work is my life, as photography is my passion and so I always put heart and mind into it. My style incorporates elements of film aesthetics, minimalism, some pop and like a good sauce, that special ingredient that makes it my own. That goes for both photography and moving image.

My shooting style is bubbly, and friendly and I aim to make the day as enjoyable and creative as possible to ultimately produce a great outcome from an exciting day, where everyone can finish happy and satisfied.

I have been fortunate enough to work with, assist and meet some great artists such as Satoshi Watanabe, Motohiko Hasui, Lasse Kusk, Clive Harris and many more, building great connections and strong friendships, all the while learning, developing and honing my craft.

So, if you like my work and require my skills, have any other questions or just want to say "hi!”, I’d love to hear from you! Just drop me a message at and I’ll be in touch! Alternatively you can DM me on Instagram and I always welcome those who want to follow and stay updated with my posts!